16 июл. 2012 г.


I had an amazing rest at my gramma's village for 2 weeks with my cousins. I rode a bike on the deserted streets where I saw only bluse sky and beautiful fields. I adore the feeling of speed and wind when I move legs faster and faster (unforgettable). One more thing is starry night sky. This nature's miracle effects so magnifiscent to me that I often stay with my head up gazing at stars and image  
that the enormous Universe understands me with my dreams. In such moments I feel how little I am and how huge the world is. 
Honestly it was a little bit crazy. Artem is aged 10, Nikita is 5,Tanya is 7 and I'm 15. We fooled, watched cartoons and played many open air games. They're so funny together)) Later I'll post our collective photos)

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